Cospendium: The Ultimate Cosplay and Gaming Convention holds a Zero Tolerance Policy against any and all kinds of harassment and bullying.


Harassment and bullying can include, but is not limited to:

  • Stalking
  • Intimidation
  • Offensive Verbal Comments
  • Physical Assault and/or Battery
  • Harassing or Non-Consensual Photography or Recording
  • Sustained Disruption of Panels, Signings, and Other Events
  • Bathroom Policing
  • Inappropriate Physical Contact
  • Unwelcome Physical Attention
  • Hate Symbols/Speech


Please note that it is against the law to:

  • discriminate against someone because of a personal characteristic protected by the law, including a person with a disability
  • sexually harass someone
  • vilify a person or group of people on the basis of their race or religion
  • conduct yourself in a way that is racially offensive or abusive to a person or group of people based on their race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin.

Cospendium does not tolerate any harassment or bullying of any form. If anyone is reported to be engaging in harassment or bullying, Cospendium staff will take appropriate immediate action (to the extent that they see fit). This can include expulsion from the convention grounds with no refund.

The Cospendium Anti-Harassment Policy applies to all – no matter their reason for attending the event (this includes but is not limited to; attendees, exhibitors, staff and special guests).

Please read and understand the Cosplay Guidelines to understand what constitutes as being in violation of the Cospendium Anti-Harassment Policy in relation to cosplaying.

We ask that you keep your hands to yourself and always ask before taking photos of other cosplayers. Please respect their ability to say no, and acknowledge that they would not like to be photographed.


Reporting Harassment at Cospendium

When attending Cospendium, we strive to ensure you are walking into a safe and welcoming environment. If at any time you feel as if you yourself, or someone you have witnessed has been victimised, harassed, bullied or alike, please inform a member of Cospendium Staff, the Security Team or a Crew Member throughout the convention grounds. Alternatively, you may come to the Cospendium Registration and report the incident.

If deemed necessary by the Cospendium Management Team, local authorities may be contacted to provide an escort, offer a safe place or otherwise assist in ensuring you feel safe at Cospendium.

It is paramount to Cospendium Staff that all are respectful, kind and fun!