Cospendium: The Ultimate Cosplay and Gaming Convention is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all attendees. Therefore, Cospendium has put into place a Props and Weapons Policy that must be adhered to by all cosplayers.


Props are defined as: 

any item carried as part of a cosplay, not designed to represent a weapon and carried as an augmentation to the costume.

Prop weapons are defined as: inert items that are designed to appear as a weapon either fantastic or realistic. Prop weapons do not include actual weapons whether or not they are authorized or peace-bonded.

Please follow the below points to ensure you are compliant when cosplaying:

  1. Sharp Objects

Props made with intent to be sharp and can cause harm to yourself or another person are not permitted on convention grounds. Please ensure your Elvish Blades, Asgardian war-axes and kunai are blunt and soft. Cospendium does not allow barbed wire of any kind within the convention grounds.

  1. Firearms

If your weapon is too convincing, then it may be safer to leave it at home. We adhere to the local state laws when screening firearm props for cosplay. If you are unfamiliar with these laws please see the link below, the local state laws on prohibited weapons.

Victoria Imitation Firearms Quick Guide

More information on Victoria State Laws of Imitation and Replica Firearms

  1. Projectiles and Functional Weapons

Unfortunately, here at Cospendium, we do not permit shooting your friends with nerf guns or water blasters! But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them – please just ensure that you have no way of firing these weapons and the tip of your weapon is highlighted in red or orange to signify that it is non-functioning (a removable orange or red plug is acceptable and can be removed for photos, however must be placed back on immediately once finished).

  1. Lasers, Tasers, Explosions and Chemicals

The only thing that should be exploding at Cospendium is your mind when walking in the door! We do not tolerate any tasers, mace/pepper spray, fireworks and pyrotechnics or chemicals. To say the least, Walter White will not be cooking at Cospendium.


Airhorns and megaphones are a definite no-go, so is firing lethal Hadouken or Kamehameha – sorry Ryu and Goku.

  1. Glass and Metal Props

Wearing shoes to Cospendium is a must, however Cinderella is going to have to swap out her glass slippers for some transparent heels. In addition to this, please ensure your Drill Arms are made from a soft and blunt material and not made from metal. We don’t allow any glass or metal props at the Cospendium convention.

  1. Helium

Thankfully, Pennywise will not be flying in on a cloud of red balloons at Cospendium, as we have a strict no helium rule. Being a heritage building with high ceilings, we cannot permit helium balloons or objects filled with helium gas.

  1. Tall Objects

Gandalf’s staff is the perfect size for cosplaying at Cospendium, as a rule of thumb please stick to a maximum of 2 metres in height/length of the prop. If your prop exceeds this limit please email at least 14 days prior to the convention and have it checked at our Weapons Checkpoint. Please note that props of a 1.5 metres height and above must be sighted and approved by the Weapons Checkpoint Staff.

  1. Heavy Objects

We’re talking Mjölnir’s here. Please keep in mind how heavy your prop may be, if you accidentally drop your prop onto someone, they may not be able as worthy as Thor to pick it up and be hurt by it! So please be careful with the weight of your prop.

If any cosplayer is found violating the above rules, Cospendium Staff reserve the right to confiscate and/or refuse entry to anyone who chooses to disregard the above set of criteria.

The Weapons Checkpoint is a dedicated booth at the Cospendium convention designed for cosplayers to check-in their props and weapons. Please ensure your item is checked at this booth, to grant you entry to the convention.